I still can’t go shopping (read: still unemployed :() but like Carrie Bradshaw once said, “When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more.” I feel you, CareBear, even though I’m too frugal to dish out HK$70 on a mag. So instead, I window shop and people watch.

I’ve always had an affinity for menswear because it’s so simple and so universal — there’s almost a greater responsibility on a man to sufficiently express his style with two, maybe three, pieces of clothing than a woman with the infinite tops, bottoms and accessories she could choose from. After all, fashion is more about how you wear something than what you’re actually wearing. A lot of times I’ll see a guy wearing something that I give a silent nod of approval to because secretly, I wish I was a guy and only had to deal with shirts, pants and cool shoes too.

This is basically a mix of stuff every guy should own or at least, “Stuff I’d Wear If I Were A Boy”.

A.) I wish everyone could look good in a bomber jacket with a huge shearling collar or a super distressed jean jacket but they can’t. A well-fitted wool coat is another story. If the shoulders, sleeve and waistline fit, then there’s very little room for error with this article of outerwear and it will never look annoyingly trendy. Plus it looks good on your girl if she gets cold. (A.P.C Knitted Wool Blend Jersey Coat)

B.) Men underestimate the power of a good flannel shirt. I could do a survey of 100-200 girls on their opinion of flannel shirts and I’m almost positive that 80-90% of them would say they like flannel on a guy (and I can’t vouch for them but I’m inclined to think gay men feel the same way). 80% ain’t bad so why wouldn’t you own one? People should just trust me on this. (J Crew Secret Wash in Vintage Jade Check)

C.) Kind of like wool coats, a guy can’t go wrong with New Balances. Whether you’re a nice-guy or not-mom’s-favorite-look kind of dude, New Balances are a no-fail option. Unless they have gigantic rubber soles, which tend to make everyone look like a 53 year-old engineer at Boeing (or Steve Jobs, which I guess is never a bad thing). But if you still think they’re too Silicon Valley chic, then you might be happier with these. (Which I’d also happily own)

D.) I’m such a sucker for guys who wear patterned socks well. It’s no surprise to me that this has become such a huge wedding party trend. I actually put “being able to pull off patterned socks” in the same category as “being able to hold an intelligent conversation” because I think they say that much about a person. (Etiquette Clothiers Sailor Stripes Socks, Brooklyn Circus)

E.) I don’t know about $200 denim that requires no washing for one year but I always think it’s worth investing in something you know you can wear at least 100 times, rather than throwaway clothing that lasts two washes. And jeans of all things should really be considered an investment when you think of how much abuse they take. Not too wide, not too baggy and absolutely no flare, please. (Lee for J Crew 101 Slim Rider Jean in Rinse Wash)

F.) I love when guys wear plain sweatshirts (the one pictured is actually a James Perse cotton-cashmere waffle knit). They serve to flatter the shoulders and the arms, no matter what type of body you were blessed with. Clean lines and good for color blocking too. You can bet if I were a guy, I would own one in every color of the rainbow except any shade of pink or red. And probably not brown either.

G.) For a while, maybe still now, a big percentage of the US male population was donning v-neck tee’s like it was the only mancard needed to stay socially acceptable. (Most are totally wrong and don’t have the right to wear a shirt like that with their physique) I’ve never been a fan of them and while I think they are slimming and a better alternative to say, any shirt you should only wear to 24 Hour Fitness, I’d rather people stick to good ol’ crewnecks. Imagine wearing a plain crewneck with those printed socks? Uh, yum. (Textured Cotton T-Shirt, Levis Vintage Clothing)

H.) Down vests, nylon or otherwise, are always nice to see on guys, especially because I think more guys are capable of pulling them off than they are aware. That is unless you think you can pull it off without wearing a shirt underneath. To that I would say, “Hell freaking no.” Of course, no one does down vests better than Uniqlo(Mens Premium Down Ultra, Uniqlo)