Monthly Archives: November 2014

I am so feenin’ for these cute azz shoes. Check these bad girls out!


I love them!

Firstly: METALLIC. GLITTER COVERED. SHOES. Good call on the metallic and the glitter, Chiars.

Secondly, a winking eye? The universal signal for flirtation, reassurance, happiness, contentedness? Just great. Yay!

Thirdly, they come in mary jane flats, slip-ons or slippers. I’m really crazy about all three styles – perhaps equally crazy about each. But it would be TOO crazy to have 3 pairs of the same shoe, or 6 shoes with giant eyes and eyelashes on them.

Or would it?

Chiarra dons the flats here, as she gazes over Hong Kong – she was in town recently to launch her pop-up shop at Hysan Place. (And, you know, just meandering around my hood, no big deal. #Smh)

chiarra ferragni4(Okay, how is it that every fashion blogger just happens to be dating a photographer?)

Well, I think Chiarra done good with these shoes. They’re so cute and quirky – the other styles in this collection are also matching pairs, like lips and lipstick, popcorn and coke and Hollywood stars.¬†I can’t get enough.¬†Putting this on my Christmas wish list.