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The other night I was cruising Instagram when I came across this amazing brand: TTYA. The acronym stands for “Taller Than Your Average”, a new line of apparel for TALLER THAN AVERAGE WOMEN.

As their site says, “TTYA offers clothes for tall women, specialising in jersey staples and key wardrobe essentials for women 5’9″ and taller. Shop for tall leggings, tall maxi dresses, tall tops and jersey dresses. All designed by a tall woman for tall women worldwide.”

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That’s right – tall, tall, tall. Formerly gawky, gangly women of the world, rejoice: this one is for us! Finally, cool clothes for women who aren’t 5’5″.

Admittedly I myself am only 5’8″ (ha!) and some of these pieces are not the most novel but I rarely find brands dedicated to tall women, much less clothing that actually makes me feel like 5’8″ is short! Another thing to love about the label? The reference to Notorious B.I.G!! You know the jam…

I’m actually probably most excited about that. If TTYA is actually a reference to Biggie’s line in “Hypnotize”, and not just the notion that women who are 5’9″ are literally, taller than your average, then TTYA you have my full affection. (Although, less so if this is actually a reference to Craig David‘s “Slicker Than Your Average”).

Judging by the street-smart style of each look and the choice of models (Jourdan Dunn hello – the 5’10” beauty also openly endorses the brand), it’s highly likely the designer is a hip hop lover herself.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

If you know me, you know I love my turtlenecks. And this one actually looks sexy…

Ok my search for the perfect crop top is over.


This looks comfortable, and chic. I’m good with that.

Cozy sweats. Oversized tees. Slinky dresses. Minimalistic colors. I’m so down for you TTYA. This entire site has just become my outfit inspo for the fall/winter season. Thanks for the good vibes, TTYA. Ta!