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One thing you come to appreciate when you move far away from home is people who try to keep in touch with you. With social media and email, it would seem a fairly easy task but even then, there’s a good level of intentionality that remains to be seen once someone isn’t just a phone call or meetup away.

I’ve been so blessed to have such supportive family and friends. They have done everything from send me sweet packages with Amurrrican goodies (DIY taco kits, large bags of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos — hallelujah Lord bless them) to shell out hard cold cash to visit me.

My cousin Jamie is one such person who has shown me so much love and support. Despite her own busy schedule, being an ambitious blogger, event hostess, and visionary designer, she always clears out her schedule to visit with me while I’m home and makes sure I don’t leave empty handed (or without major sideaches from laughing so damn hard). It makes me sad I can’t spend more time with her in person but on the up side, the distance does make our hearts grow fonder as we exchange ideas for new projects and keep in touch the new old fashioned way: lengthy emails and blog post updates! Jamie and her husband, Chris, have been working on some AMAZING projects, like Blog Party, which started out as a collective meetup for bloggers to connect in cool, creative spaces. Blog Party has grown tremendously into a *pretty* huge deal, with collabs featuring Brit + Co, Social Print Studio and more. Check out Blog Party if you’re interested in connecting with other cool people or hosting your own Blog Party!

I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile now but I wanted to give Jamie a tour of my neighborhood since there are so many spots that remind me of her. If you’re headed to Hong Kong in the near future, add this area to your list!


The area I live in is called Star Street Precinct. In 1889, Hong Kong’s first power station started operating in Electric Street. The streets surrounding it were thus named according to the Three-Character Chinese classic verse of “Three luminaries – the sun, the moon and the stars”, the three major elements that generate electricity. Star Street, Sun Street and Moon Street are some of the oldest streets located in the area.


Today the area has evolved into a funky commune of old and new, an interspersing of small cafes, independent galleries, and colorful furniture shops with upscale restaurants and distinctive retailers.

DSC_0158 DSC_0153 DSC_0182



I never thought I would live here — I looked at 18 flats before I found the one I live in now, and that story is for another blog post — but I’m fairly happy I do now, even if it’s a bit more expat-oriented than I might like to admit… (Let’s just say it’s doing nothing for my Cantonese language skills)




This section of the neighborhood is actually a rare slice of serenity, even though it’s a stone’s throw from one of Hong Kong’s busiest streets (Queen’s Road East). From here the endless passing of rattling buses, trucks and taxis seems almost inaudible.





Odd One Out always carries great pieces, like intricate laser cut artwork, humorous deadpan notecards, and other unique items that you can peruse while a super hip soundtrack plays in the background. I also enjoy this spot because of the owners, who are extremely friendly and engage every person who walks in. I should mention they make a solid long black as well!




South China Morning Post, the largest English newspaper in Hong Kong, recently published this lovely piece on Star Street, which covers many spots I didn’t have a chance to photograph but made me appreciate this area even more. Hope you all wander through this area when you come for a visit! Jamesquas, HK awaits. 🙂

  1. Jamie said:

    Oh my gosh, thank you SO much for this Liz!! I LOVE your neighborhood and I can’t wait to visit!! It reminds me of Berlin meets Paris meets San Francisco. How do you resist spending all your money in those awesome shops?? Love it!!

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