Sky’s the Limit: Powder Blue

I’ve been so negative about the coming of summer that I’m barely enjoying the last bits of winter here. It’s a pity considering within a few months, these brisk, cool temperatures will be long gone, replaced by humidity, sweat and mosquitos. Weee.

But between then and now, there is spring. Walking through Times Square today, I finally noticed that the coming of summer is actually really beautiful — all the windows were dressed in bright pastel arrays, a winsome departure from the drab navy blues and blacks I’ve been in for the last few months.

One color that really stood out to me was powder blue. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this modest shade of blue is going to be front and center as we move from l’hiver to le’printemps… What do you think?


A powder blue leather biker jacket. Say no more.

Image: Alexander McQueen

powder blue purse

*My eyeballs are hearts*.

Image: Sarah Klassen


Leave it to Nars to create spring, in a bottle!

Image: Pinterest

powder blue earrings

Earrings! An impossibly easy way to get some powder blue in your life.

Image: Etsy

powder blue flowy dress

Lady, I love the oversized sleeves of your dress.

Image: Fashion Vibe

powder blue dresser

This is just stupid cute — and it rolls. And it’s recycled.

Image: En Mi Espacio Vital

powder blue square dress

Hoooly want. (Also this.)

Image: Pinterest

1 comment
  1. Jamie said:

    LOVE powder blue! I need to update my wardrobe to have more of this color. It’s the kind of color that looks good on anyone, so classy!

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