Jump On It, Jump On It

I think we’re all in agreement that the following article of clothing is back in full force for the summer season:


Don’t believe me (or the Biebs)?

Top Shop Jumper

Top Shop 2 Jumpers


River Island Jumpers


Asos JumpersJumpers, overalls, dungarees: they are back. Personally I’m passing on this trend. I rocked my Gap overalls hard enough as an angular, gawky 6th grader –who unknowingly also looked like a scarecrow–to ever want to relive any of those days (and is the photo of Bieber not enough to convince you otherwise?).

That is, unless I could make a pair look as good as this woman does:


Then maybe I’d reconsider. Til then, on to the next.

Next up: my search for the perfect summer wedges!

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