Crowning Glory

In case you didn’t know, I am not good with hair. Aside from mastering The Bun, The Ponytail and the basic functions of a curling iron, I can’t do much else with my mane. Actually, the other day a stylish friend told me I should try parting my hair on the opposite side of my head. I looked at him with the amount of amazement that should only be reserved for things like the end of world poverty or discovering a cure for cancer.

So you’re saying I can wear my hair… on the other side of my face??

Sad how limited my imagination is when it comes to hair. I guess it’s just never been my thing.

I’ve temporarily banned myself from buying any new clothes (more on this later) and thought it would be great to spruce up other aspects of my daily attire.  As the title of this post wrongly implies, there are no braids or DIY dye jobs, yet–but scarves, bows, and hats? I can manage that.

Check out some of the cute things I’ve been noticing in the headwear department–easy enough for someone who never knows what to do with her hair or her head.











Imaaaaages: ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage, and Image


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