Much Ado About Leather

Thank you to everyone who liked my last post! Clearly I don’t know how to use Polyvore quite yet… I didn’t realize it was automatically publishing my inspiration boards here. Heh.

So let’s try this again! A few months ago, I finally bought a leather skirt (alright, it’s not leather at all. It’s more synthetic) because I noticed that a) my wardrobe could use a few skirts and b) these bad girls seem to be the next “it” item. I had been seeing them pop up on various celebrities and runways and thought maybe this would be an appropriate spring purchase.

But now that I have the skirt, I haven’t worn it at all! I haven’t been able to figure out how to best wear it with what I have. Thus, I turned to Polyvore to dream up some potential outfit ideas. And then I sort of went crazy and just started making inspoboards for the heck of it.

I’ve come up with 5 different ideas that more or less suit my actual wardrobe. What would you wear with a leather skirt?

Street Chic

Street Chic

The reason why I love leather skirts is because it’s easy to dress them up or down. Depending on where you work, you might even be able to get away with wearing one to work, with tights. (Then modify appropriately for after-hour festivities) This outfit would be great for the weekend: casual enough for brunch yet dressy enough to wear out later that night. And I’ll find any excuse to wear neon colors…

J Crew slim fit shirtMadewellLeather skirtZara lining shoesCartier jewelryBib necklaceCartier bracelet jewelryStetson baseball caps hatAmerican Apparel neon nailpolish
Upper East Side Hipster Chick
Upper East Side Hipster

I’ve been noticing a lot of models wearing mixed ensembles lately. It’s not uncommon to see a girl wearing a $20 Urban Outfitters beanie with a $700 Chloe satchel. It seems streetwear in general is changing everything in the fashion world and I can’t complain–I don’t mind getting away with printed tees and beanies!

Stoner shirtBlack skirtAlexander Wang high heel shoesChloé black handbagUgo Cacciatori sterling silver ringDANNIJO bib necklaceHatNars cosmetic

A Pop of Green

A Pop of Green
I have a strange affinity for white button downs. I’ve accumulated a good number over the years and a white shirt with a pair of jeans has somehow become my go-to outfit. Even as I was making these boards, I kept defaulting to white collared shirts. So in thinking of ways my white shirts could be utilized, I came up with this outfit. A flowy white top is a nice feminine contrast to the sass of a black leather skirt. I also wanted to focus on accessories because I find them a fun to help way to mix up what you already have. I’d personally love to invest in a Cartier bangle or a classic bowler hat over another pair of shoes. Another thing: I tend to think a nice rich rouge on the lips goes perfectlywith a crisp white shirt. (Yes, um, can you tell how much I love Nars lip care?)

T By Alexander Wang down shirtBlack skater skirtDorothy Perkins mary jane pumps
Marc by Marc Jacobs leather bagLoren Stewart gold earringsCartier gold bracelet
Christys wide brim hatNars cosmetic
City Slicker
City Slicker

In my closet, the only thing that rivals white shirts are striped shirts (does this surprise you?) so when I was looking into leather skirts, I definitely had a few outfit ideas in mind that involved any one of my many striped shirts. There’s a number of ways you could dress up or down a striped shirt. I think it’s all in how you accessorize and what shoes you decide to walk out the door in. I love booties and was looking for a pair with a nice Cuban heel but I came across this pair and thought they bring out the Western flair without seeming too country (bonus points: they’re by Acne!). The other thing I love about this imaginary outfit is the bag. I love anything with a fringe. Anything.

River Island crop shirtBlack leather skirtAcne star bootsZara suede messenger bagLinea pelleDannijoNars cosmetic

As someone who doesn’t necessarily pull off “girly” in the traditional sense, I’m always in awe of fellow females who can really work a pink lace top or a dainty dress with all the right accessories. I think you can’t go wrong with a pretty pink, some strong gold accents and just the right amount of black.

Topshop crop topAlexander McQueen peplum jacketFloral skirtZara high heel shoesCÉLINE leather shoulder bag, Accessorize pearl bangle braceletMarc by Marc Jacobs gold bangle jewelryMango jewelry

This is about all I have on Polyvore at the moment but now that I’m hooked on making imaginary outfits, I’ll be here quite a lot. Do you use Polyvore? I’d love to see what you’ve come up with!

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  1. Jamie said:

    Ah! LOVE! The leather skirt and the shoes especially!

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