Creepy Happy Feelings For: Kenzo

Spring is upon us and this means it’s nearly time to break out any floral patterned  clothing you might own. It’s an exciting time for those of us who have had to wear thick coats and bulky scarves for the last few months. Well. Not me. I live in sub-tropical weather and perspire at the slightest movement. Nor anyone I know in any part of California. But probably people in Chicago or Moscow could relate.

Browsing certain retail spots here in HK, I’ve noticed daises in particular might be the flower of choice this SS13. I’ve seen them on sweaters, cell phone cases, embellishments on collared shirts and pants — it’s such a cute and fashionably acceptable flower to put almost anywhere. I’ll write a post on other emergent trends I’m sniffing out but for now, I want to share one particular daisy-related article of clothing I’ve come across. And it is absolutely adorable.


My face melted a bit when I saw it, similar to what happens when I see a cute dog: Legs lock. Eyes fixate on object of desire for impolite amounts of time (you know, like Lady “Crazy Eyes” from HIMYM). Hands clasp dramatically infront of chest. High-pitched, squealing sounds emerge from throat. It all happened to some degree when I saw this Kenzo baby. I love its girly yet subtly very sexy silhouette, a duality Kenzo is knowing for pulling off with effortless grace. Whether it’s a bottle of perfume or a blazer, Kenzo’s work epitomizes chic femininity. (Though what wouldn’t be so chic or effortlessly graceful is me wearing this thing and constantly wondering about flashing my azz at everyone) I also think shift dresses with cuts similar to this one will also be a big hit this season. Personally I’m a fan of the focus on “legs for daaaays” as opposed to “boobs in your faaaace.” You can thank my androgynous frame for that.

The daisy panel is accentuated by the playful flare of the skirt which I think does more for the dress than something that falls straight on the legs. Plus it has pockets for a few chocolates or a cellphone or nervous hands on a first date. There is virtually nothing more you could ask for in a spring dress.


 Arigatou gozaimasu Takada-san~!


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