Continuing The Hustle!

A few weeks ago I posted some writing I had done for TimeOut Hong Kong. I have since done some more writing (and yes, am working on even more). These are mostly music-related with some food for good measure. You can find links to them on my “professional” blog (ha) or click on the links below. For the full scope on all my writing for TimeOut, go grab a physical copy!


Orsola de Castro

Probably one of the most important pieces I’ve gotten to do so far. I really enjoyed interviewing Orsola as she’s fantastically articulate and so knowledgable about her field. I felt empowered to become more eco-conscious and more creative in general about how I consume stuff.


Crowd Lu

Probably one of the biggest names in Taiwanese pop, among the singer-songwriter variety. Crowd is gifted with an incredible voice and has worked hard to get where he’s at today: selling out large stadiums across Asia.

Macy Gray

Ms. Gray came to town for an intimate, one-night only performance. It was actually very interesting researching her life and career — she’s one helluva talent and I find her rather underrated.


Xmas 2012 – Christmas Eating All In One Spot!

As an American, I didn’t know what mulled wine was nor did I realize a hamper was actually quite the opposite of a place where you put dirty clothes. Me and my improper English. 

Thanks for reading!


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