Creepy Happy Feelings For: Acne

Yes, more Acne. I mean no. No, not irritating skin issues or the same Mallory Noise Print dress I fell in love with a few months ago. (Though I haven’t fallen out of love with it) But yes, I am in love with yet another piece of Acne retail. And they are silver pants.

But not just any pair of silver pants! If you asked me to trade all my pants for this one pair, I would actually consider it. They’re leather silver pants (which in HK means they are only wearable during the dead of winter). These seem perfect for almost any occasion — and look at how nicely they sculpt your assets! The only thing I wouldn’t wear it to is a wedding because these babies would totally upstage the bride — even when paired with clogs. But I think everything else is fair game. Catching my creepy feeling drift?

acne silver trouser

acne silver trouser2

Actually I would never wear them to a funeral either.

Images: Farfetch


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