The other day a colleague was putting together a Thanksgiving (or as I prefer to call it: “Indigenous Peoples Day”) collage and asked me to write down something I’m grateful for.

Since “family”, “health”, “friends” and “Grandma”, had already been chosen by others, the word “opportunity” came to mind. This year has been filled with so many opportunities worth seizing, both large and small. It’s amazing how drastically can life change — and has changed — within the past 11 months, not just for me but for many others around me as well. These changes are the result of opportunities we chose to pursue at some point or another. I think about how this was near the age when my dad and his siblings left Hong Kong for the US because in a strange way, they were seeking opportunities I’m now searching for here. I guess no matter what era, it’s always rather exciting to be in your twenties.

I hope you can find opportunities (and things in general!) to be grateful for. I’ve found it’s usually the simplest ones that deserve the most recognition. Onward!

  1. Jamie said:

    I love this Liz! Definitely grateful for all the opportunities our family has provided us. We are some lucky gals!

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