Just Eat It

Obviously one of the very best parts about living in Hong Kong is the food. When I stop and think about it, I’m a bit surprised I’m not tired of Asian food but considering I basically have access to any type of cuisine from the Pacific Rim, it would be presumptuous to say I’ve come close to exhausting my options.

With family members visiting,  local friends showing me to places I’ve never tried and striking out on my own, I’ve come across enough noteworthy places that I felt I needed some place to keep record of them so that I can return to them again and again.

Back at home, apps and social networks like Yelp could help with organizing these types of things. But I have a strong feeling even if Yelp did exist here to the extent it does in places like the Bay Area, it wouldn’t really matter. Eateries are changing all the time in Hong Kong. Due to high rent costs, restaurants and dai pai dongs (those little street stands you don’t take picky eaters to) close down or relocate rather frequently and without warning.

Add to that the challenge of recognizing a lot of places based off their Chinese name — and sadly, I could not read Chinese if I was thrown into a tank of Chinese-girl-eating sharks — and the fact that so many of these streets and storefronts look alike, it becomes even more imperative that if I really want to remember where these places are, storing their physical location in my head is not always going to work.

Enter Google Maps! It’s really brilliant that Google has so many handy products like this. I’ve pinned all the places I’ve enjoyed on my “Favorite HK Food Spots” Google Map and will be adding more as I go along. You can follow my map should you ever find yourself in Asia’s world city. 😉

I think it should be made known that I’m no foodie. I don’t know pâté from… something less fancy. But I’m adventurous (last weekend I ate pig skin with the follicles in sight!!!), I appreciate good value and if the food tastes like it was made with some amount of care, it’s usually fine by me. I don’t need a twelve course meal at the top of the Ritz (though I will take it) — I just want to know where I enjoyed that really hearty bowl of noodles the other day.

Let’s EAT!

  1. Jamie said:

    Agh! I really hope we can visit you in HK soon, I want to go on some serious foodie adventures with you. Pig skin follicles must be delish in HK!

    • lizisms said:

      Richard! Wow, long time! 🙂 Thanks, I totally use OpenRice too. But it pales in comparison to Yelp. Hope all is well! (And yes, lurk away… haha)

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