No Shame, Part I

These pictures are instances that made me laugh or become more curious about things as they are here. AKA I have inside jokes with myself.

Necessary disclaimers:
First and  foremost: I am a horrible person. Don’t worry, I know. Secondly, all photos in this post were taken without anyone’s permission. Should the subject(s) of any of these photos find this blog, my name is Caroline Park and I live in Buttonwillow, California, USA.

I saw this Siberian Fur Store from across the street one day. I will be back with updates once I actually go in.

Camille and the desperate Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, teaching me Chinese. In addition to the subtitles, it’s really dubbed into Chinese. How fantastic is that?

I was just wondering who Baby might be. I think this makes the first coffee store I’ve ever seen.

Okay. Did they truly mean being on drugs while driving will lead to death or did they mean to write, “Drunk driving may be your journey to death”? Because they couldn’t have meant that driving drugs will lead to death. And also, wouldn’t it be more effective if this were written in Chinese as well? More questions with no answers.

Frogs this big are really freaking gross.

People take naps everywhere with no regard for… anything. (She had carry on luggage standing about five feet away from her, completely unattended) They nap in subway stops, while the subway trains come and go. On random benches. In parks. Truly my people.

The library in Central is huge and it literally has everything.

I really did feel bad for taking this but his shirt said “Rastafarian MARIJUANA COUNTRY” and that makes him the best accidental hipster I have seen up to this point. (His shorts were cutoffs!) How much do you want to bet someone at Coachella this year was wearing that exact same outfit? He’s a fashionista and he really doesn’t even know it! (His belt was by Diesel!)

Where I will be getting everyone’s wedding presents from now on. This shop specializes in making 3D shadow boxes with hand drawn cutout pictures of the couple. This was a “Pirates of the Caribbean” themed box but trust me, any theme you want, I’m sure they’ve got it.

Again, I felt bad for taking this picture (I’m not kidding, I really try not to take pictures of real life people because it feels wrong) but his shirt had a basket of cats. And it seemed like he matched his shirt with his shoes. So this means he knew there was a basket cats on his shirt.

A close up of the cats on his shirt. Not that there is anything wrong with this at all, it’s just a very accidental hipster choice.

I laughed to myself not only because her bag says, “BOB MARLEY, Jamaican singer who popularized reggae” but also because this is probably the only black person I have seen in Hong Kong thus far. The diversity situation here is rather dire.

It was so weird when I saw this man (before he turned around): he looked Latino. And yet he was wearing that hat. It was almost like a joke was being played on me. But I got excited for a moment because I’m not kidding, diversity here sucks.

I know, I’m sorry.

    • lizisms said:

      Thanks for reading! I have more on the way… and trust me, it only gets better. 🙂

  1. Caroline! said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA freaking jerk. Can you have a shadow box made for us??

    • lizisms said:

      I would totally do the same for you. I’ll make our shadowbox. And then get us matching outfits like all the other couples here.

  2. D said:

    The second to last picture looks like you from behind circa 2007 (or was it 2006?)

    I love reading this blog. Please keep updating! You have your loyal readers 🙂

    • lizisms said:

      Haha I think I see what you mean – but never let me get that haircut again. Thanks for reading, boo boo. 🙂

  3. Jamie said:

    OMG. I LOVE this post. Thanks for giving me the giggles at work. Can you please find out where the basket of cats t-shirt came from? Also going to need the shadow box thing for our wedding. Can’t wait to see more!

  4. Tiff said:

    the drug driving made me laugh so hard.
    i miss you!

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