Liner Notes

As far back as I can remember, music has always been one of my passions. Or rather, listening to music and discovering new music have always been passions of mine (playing music, not so much, very unfortunately).

Dating back to my middle school years, I recall making myself cassette tapes of my favorite songs by Aaliyah, Tupac, K-Ci and Jo Jo, Boyz II Men, all on my Sharp AM/FM Stereo Radio Cassette Player. I was also lip-syncing to Jewel, Natalie Imbruglia, Matchbox Twenty and anything by Third Eye Blind (still do). Any 80’s baby will remember these guys.

Growing up without cable really forced me to rely heavily on the radio. I’d make those tapes meticulously, being sure I didn’t get any of the commercials or much of the DJs talking. My mom would always say, “If you read your Bible as much as you sat in your room listening to music…” This is how I knew I was a music nut. That was always the barometer for how insignificant my most favorite activities actually were.

Cassette tapes eventually evolved into compact discs and carrying around compact disc players. And wearing Old Navy anoraks with Davidoff perfume sprayed on your neck. And wishing for a boyfriend with bleached tips who picked you up from high school in a suped up Honda Accord with a nine inch spoiler and a Calvin-peeing sticker on the gas door.

Actually that’s what you were wishing for. I was in my room like a giant nerd, burning CDs and organizing my WinAmp files like it was my higher calling in life. My civic duty to mankind.

The beauty of a mixtape or mix CD is the thought that goes into the each song selected and the order in which they are played. If you have ever received a mix, it’s likely the person who made it for you put some excruciating thought into making it. So don’t take it lightly and don’t lose it. I wish I was kidding.

Ironically, that all being said, I’ve made a mixtape for you, all ten of my favorite people in the entire blogosphere. But, to be very honest, it’s not my best mix and the artwork is definitely a beta version of what is to come. I wanted to add transitions and make it more than a folder of songs; maybe even intro with my top secret DJ name as well as provide an explanation as to why I chose each song and put them in this particular order.

But I was insanely excited when this idea came to me and I couldn’t wait to figure out all the parts: gathering the music, creating an downloadable file, designing some artwork and all of that. So the transitions and intros will be for next time. Just click the cover art to download and know that the next version will be better on all levels.

This mix is primarily a sampling of some new artists I’ve been introduced to, in the form of good remixes/covers, as well as a few artists who, despite being young and relatively trendy, have climbed onto my Best Ever list and will likely stay there for some time. It’s mean to be a playful mix of comforting classics, tender ballads and some funky hip hop.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

01. Sleep – Allen Stone
02. Go Outside – Cults (Menahan Street Band remix)
03. My Girl – Temptations
04. Everlasting Light – The Black Keys (Murmurs Remix)
05. Hours – Tycho (Teen Daze Remix)
06. The Healer/Hip Hop – Erykah Badu
07. The Next Time Around – Little Joy
08. Where Is My Love – Cat Powers
09. Mornin’ – Star Slinger
10. Lump Sum – Bon Iver (Daytrotter Live)
11. Goodbye – Best Coast
12. You Know Dat Shit – Guts
13. Dumbin’ – Star Slinger ft. Reggie B
14. Another Day – Jamie Lidell
15. Nothing Compares to You – Kanye West (Goapele cover)
16. Slippin’ – Quadron
17. Separator – Radiohead
18. My Body – Young the Giant (Daytrotter Live)
19. Jazzmatazz – Jay Electronica ft. Tone Treasure
  1. Caroline! said:

    MY GIRL? REALLY? I want to listen to the rest of that ish though… looks yum.

  2. I’ve been listening to this for a while now but wanted to come back and tell you how much I LOVE it. I know nothing about music, so now I can feel cool, at least while I listen to this mix. 😉

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