Hot Androgyny

I really do love when girls dress like this. It’s not because her boat shoes could be navy chromexcel joints. Not because she has her hair in the one style that is certified boy kryptonite. Nor that she realizes a little collarbone can be the sexiest thing in the world. It’s the pants. A lot of people would consider them to be ‘unflattering’. I love when girls wear ‘unflattering clothes’-drop crotches, over sized military jackets, mens oxfords, all that gear. I feel like I enjoy this style so much because from my perspective, it takes more confidence to wear something that others may see as a little wonky fitting or too far outside the box… And nothing, nothing is better than a girl with confidence and a nice smile… All I know, girls, is a little bit of clever goes farther than a whole lotta cleavage.

Colonial Goods

There’s something humongously refreshing about this thought. Honestly speaking, as a gal with very little on top or bottom, I often feel way less feminine than friends or acquaintances who have those parts in abundance. I guess I was just surprised that a guy would actually appreciate menswear on ladies, much less a revealed collarbone over some cheap cleavage.

  1. Jamie said:

    Androgyny is so hot right now! I go back and forth on chopping all my hair off and trying to work this look. Looks so effortless yet stylish!

  2. “All I know, girls, is a little bit of clever goes farther than a whole lotta cleavage.” I love it!

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