It’s taken me an unnecessarily long time to really love SF, the way I felt quite fond of LA by the time I left. Which is funny considering I grew up here in the Bay Area. But living near a metropolis is pretty different than working in it, knowing people in it, seeing it day in and day out. One thing I have noticed and appreciated about San Franciscans is their conscientiousness. Expressed in so many different ways, from recycling to eating vegan to large sprawling murals, if I take away one thing from my time living here, it’s that the people within SF are for real, tangible social change. Except for those in the Marina. They kind of really only care about themselves.

Anyway, some things that I appreciate about SF:

Murals about people. I walk by this building every day and watched this mural go up, section by section. I was straight up chopping onions when I saw the final product. (Fine, no onions, just me crying on some sidewalk) This one is called “67 Suenos.”

SF Supervisors. After the Oakland PD tried — and failed tremendously — to kick out the Occupy Oaklanders, these supes showed up at the Occupy SF camp to douse any potential fires.

Art about people. I have been following the work of Wendy McNaughton for years. Her work is gorgeous and inspiring. This portrait is from a KQED project called “My Life is True”, a project about the lives of individuals in the Bay Area. I highly recommend listening to a few of their stories for amazing perspective into the greater community. (The girl below robbed a bank to put herself through college!!!)

Recycling and composting as ritual. This city does not take either lightly.

The food industry. I have never met so many people concerned with the life and humanity of poultry as well as the pureness of the food we consume. I have also never tasted so much good food in my life. Come visit me — I will make it a trip your stomach will never forget. (In a good way, obviously)

Still, I’m not so attached to SF that I don’t find myself thinking about uprooting all over again and moving elsewhere, no matter how far away that might end up being. But for now, there’s a lot to be found in the 7×7.


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