It’s weird and cool how there’s art no one ever sees. Half the pictures a photographer takes are erased. The graphic designer is always dragging stuff into the trash. The artist is always remolding, crumpling papers and throwing them into a pile in the corner of a room.

I’ll be working on something and tweak it once. Twice, threefourfivesixsevenonemillion times. And no one sees what happens from tweak one to tweak four hundred fifty one.

Sigh. It’s also kind of sad. 😦

  1. anon said:

    art is an ugly road to a beautiful place. i know exactly what you mean.

  2. jmar said:

    i think it’s better to think of them as a small part in a body of work… that way you won’t be so sad when you kill one of them off by tossing it in the trash! those poor little ugly and forgotten designs have to exist, because otherwise the amazing ones wouldn’t stand out.

    It must be a trick of the mind… I realized it while cleaning out a folder of pictures that I had saved, because I remembered liking them before, but looking at all of them together I suddenly wanted to delete half of them.

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